Log Management Plan

The component which forms the basis of the Energy Logserver platform. It provides centralization of events and functionalities enabling precise analysis and visibility while maintaining full security of collected data.

Log Management Plan in its basic function is a central point of collection of any data from the IT environment. The database based on the Elasticsearch engine ensures unlimited and efficient collection of any amount of data, without limits on the number of events, gigabytes per day or the number of data sources. Dozens of ready integrations and introduced data standardization ensure a quick implementation process.

Its flexibility makes it ideal for both large environments and small organizations, offering quick results right from the start.

Log Management Plan provides the necessary tools for managing data. It combines excellent data collection and identification capabilities with a precise authorization system, effective visualizations and event alert functionality. All this provides unlimited applicability for every IT and business department within the organization using a single platform.

Main Features

  1. ACCESS CONTROL - Full permision & object control for users,
  2. ARCHIVE - Easy management of fast archives,
  3. VISUALIZE - Countless ways to visualize data,
  4. AUDIT - Clear view of user activity,
  5. REPORT - Create easily detailed reports,
  6. CENTRAL AGENT MANAGEMNT - Manage agents & parsers easily from GUI,
  7. SEARCH - Efficient data searching with no time or documents limits.


The system includes predefined input processing pipelines. They include technologies such as:

  • beats - responsible for processing data from Beats agents;
  • syslog - responsible for processing the Syslog protocol data;
  • logtrail - responsible for processing for Logtrail module;


The system includes predefined dashboards for data analysis, reporting and viewing, such as:

  • Audit dashabord - analysis of system audit data,
  • Skimmmer dashboard - analysis of system performance data;
  • Syslog dashborad - analysis of data provided by the syslog pipeline.